Gerard Butler on Preparing for the Role of a Lifetime in 'Hunter Killer'

Gerard Butler's new movie “Hunter Killer” is eerily similar to what's happening in real life — and that makes it even more terrifying.

“From the second I read the script, it was one of the best scripts I’d read in years, and the challenge was how could you bring this into the 21st century and really bring an audience into modern warfare,” he explained.

To prepare for the movie, which mostly takes place on a submarine, Butler went on his own sub-excursion.

“We’re diving, we’re doing battlestations, we’re doing ‘man overboard’ it was just days full of that, it was really exciting,” he explained. “We spent seven days rehearsing a lot of the action scenes to really immerse yourself in that world.”

Butler’s connection to his roles and his dedication to making them authentic is as apparent as ever in “Hunter Killer’s” previews.

“To me it’s all about an emotional connection,” he explained. “There’s times when you almost deliberately blind them, like there’s stuff said in the sub that people wouldn’t know. But they know it’s happening and it’s almost all the more exciting because they go ‘This is happening here, this is happening there. I don’t know what it means, but I know that we’re moving toward this.’”

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