Halsey's New Song Captures The Anger Women Are Feeling Currently

Halsey’s new music video and song perfectly captures the anger many women are feeling, at a time when U.S. lawmakers are threatening their rights.

The recording artist dropped “Nightmare” on May 17, which is her first solo single of 2019.

“Imagine getting onstage every night and seeing young women sweating mascara tears, lighting in their eyes, throwing elbows and raising fists, screaming till the veins in their necks raise under warm skin, and not being inspired by it,” she tweeted. “This song is about you, for you.”

The song is especially timely, as it was released at the end of a week in which several states passed bills to restrict reproductive rights. Ahead of its release, Halsey tweeted about the nationwide effort to undermine a woman’s right to choose, stating, “Watching the demise of our reproductive rights sends a sickening rage through more core. Autonomy is the basis of our humanity. The ability to feel and the right to choose. I’ve always been open about my struggle with reproductive health and pregnancy. What happen to the body that I live in, that you live, is nobody else’s choice.”

Halsey’s fans took to Twitter after the song’s release to note its empowering sentiment.