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Drag Queen Horrorchata Is Behind The International Drag Festival Bushwig

A Brooklyn drag queen founded the first-ever international drag festival for all members of the LGBTQ+ community to feel celebrated and loved.
Meet the beauty and brains behind international drag festival Bushwig: Horrorchata. Bushwig is the first-of-its-kind festival hosted in New York City. Each year, thousands of drag queens come from around the world to celebrate their individuality and champion the LGBTQ+ community.
“I just wanted to create a space for queers to just have a really good time,” she stated. “People always tell me like ‘oh, I’m so excited for Bushwig,” or ‘I’m flying down for Bushwig,” that makes me happy and that’s why I created Bushwig to have that feeling.”

Growing up in a traditional Mexican family, Horrorchata struggled to find their self as a gay person who loved drag. NYC became her fresh new chapter to find herself and work hard to make her family proud.

Bushwig — also lovingly called “gay Christmas” — is a totally unique event where drag queens are emboldened, loved, and celebrated. Drag queens from around the world fly in to perform and rock their best drag looks. The festival has grown into an immense spectacle, and Horrorchata hopes to make it even bigger.
“I feel like my next dream is to take it on tour,” she said. “Hit every state.”

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