How Kacey Musgraves Helped Save a Struggling LA Photoshop


Kacey Musgraves helped revive a struggling photoshop with Instagram.
While on tour, the country singer has a photo shoot at Tom’s One Hour Photo & Lab in LA’s Koreatown. Her sister and photographer Kelly Christine Sutton had stumbled upon the small shop and decided to get their photos taken.
Musgraves then posted her photos, and started an Instagram account for shop owner Tom Tuong to help boost his small business.
“He sadly told us his business used to be really busy back in 1991 when he opened but has slowed way down since the digital wave,” she stated online. “So, like any good millennials would do we started an appreciation Instagram for him. @tomsonehourphotolab.”
A week later, the Instagram account had garnered about 60,000 followers and Tuong’s daughter Tisha said the shop’s business is booming again.
“We’re booked through the weekend. We saw a lot of our competitors have to close shops, but my dad held on,” she told ABC News. “We’ve been getting calls from people who didn’t even know that photo labs existed, so they were excited.”
On stage, post photoshoot, Musgraves also spoke about the importance of supporting small, local businesses like Tom’s, which she says the country was built on.