S2 E15

How Rubby Valentin Represents Latinx & Queer Identities in His Genre-Mixing Music

Rubby Valentin isn't interested in standing on a soapbox, he's busy making space for other queer rappers of color to explore their craft.
“I don't think it's important for people to see me in what I'm doing, I do think it's important for other people to feel like they can do whatever they want,” the beatboxer and LGBTQ+, Latinx advocate explained.

Growing up in Washington Heights, in NYC in a Dominican, working-class family, Rubby Valentin struggled to love himself as a queer young man. He spent the early years of his life hating his identity.

It wasn't until he was exposed to the underground music scene in NYC that he began to understand the power of his own narrative. Now as a musician fully pursuing his career, don't be mistaken by his traditionally masculine beats. It took time to find his space in music and learn how to take inspiration from all of his unique backgrounds.

Here's how he stays authentic to himself and his work while trying to uplift other queer musicians of color. He hopes when people hear his music and see him perform, that it sparks something within them—something that allows them to be 100% themselves.

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