S2 E7

How Gender-Fluid Supermodel Rain Dove is Bettering the Fashion Industry and World

Rain Dove is a gender-fluid supermodel taking the fashion industry by storm and showing the world how to live boldly in one's truth.

You've seen their face on the runway, billboards, in music videos, and in big brand campaigns—and though they say they got into modeling because they lost a bet, their career has taken off, and they're only getting started.

Dove is adamant about using their platform to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, human rights, a better world and to above all, living BOLDLY as yourself. When they first started getting attention, they felt apprehensive about explaining their identity to the public, but says that support from friends and random individuals helped them be confident.

“I want people to judge me a separate me amongst others not based off of my birth certificate but based off of my actions,” they explained. “Ideally what I would like people to realize is that language, it should be used to enhance and not to imprison.”

Dove says they constantly ask themselves how they can give back in the word and help empower other people.

“If I’m gonna make images then I want to have images that make people think,” they explained.

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