Watch Issa Rae Discuss 'Insecure' Season 3 and How It's NOT About Toxic Masculinity

“Insecure” season 3 is not about toxic masculinity.

“I would not be interested in focusing an entire season on that,” explained the show’s creator and lead actress Issa Rae. “But we’ve kind of touched on that throughout and even this season there are bouts of it but it’s — not at all.”

In past interviews Rae mentioned that she wanted to explore Black masculinity as it relates to Black women, but the show’s newest season is actually about adulting.

“This season is very much about adulting and coming into your own and not having those excuses, like you have to know better at some point,” she stated. “And after a certain point like when you have friends and you give them advice and they don’t take it, and you give them the same advice, and they keep asking for advice. After a while you’re like just do you. Shut up and do you.”

However, that doesn’t mean toxic masculinity won’t be covered at all.

“If you have an experience with toxic masculinity it’s not an episode in your life,” said Rae. “They’re just, they’re parts of life. And you keep it pushing, it’s really about how you respond to that and how it affects you, that choices that you make following those incidents.”