Jonathan Van Ness on HIV, Trump, and Being More Than What You See on ‘Queer Eye’

“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness discusses his health, past, and journey to success in his new memoir “Over The Top.”
In 2018, Van Ness felt compelled to write about his experiences as a queer man and said it felt more important than ever after Trump got elected.
“Just watching the Affordable Care Act and the constant assault that it was under in the first two years of the administration and being someone that had a preexisting condition, and not having the platform that I do now…” he explained. “There is no social safety net for people living with HIV.”
When asked what was the most difficult part of his life to share with the public, he said all of it was a little difficult to divulge, but that the experiences, hardships and trauma are what shaped his current life circumstance. He also wanted to let readers into his experiences beyond what they see on television.
“I love ‘Queer Eye’ and I love what ‘Queer Eye’ does but I am so often perceived as these 18 to 24 minutes that I am on ‘Queer Eye’ as the totality of my being,” he explained. “Whether it’s ‘Getting Curious’ or ‘Gay of Thrones,’ or ‘Queer Eye’ I’ve never had a moment where I can just have an uninterrupted ear and like, say everything I want to say.”

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