Kathy Griffin on Comedy, Trump, and Being on the No Fly List

Kathy Griffin sat down with us to talk all things comedy, the 2020 election, and, yes, that infamous photo that changed her career and got her on the No Fly List.In this Kathy Griffin interview we sat down with the veteran comedian and trailblazer for women in comedy to talk about her experiences as a comedian, and her experience with dealing with the downfall that occurred when she posted the photo that depicted Donald Trump's bloody severed head. Griffin shares how she received innumerable death threats and was harassed by people even when simply walking down the street.Kathy Griffin also shared what's to come in the latest Kathy Griffin comedy special, an upcoming film titled 'Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story.' She says, "I made the film because I want everyone to know that if you had done it [posted the photo of her holding Trump's severed head] or if somebody's 13-year-old kid had done it and put it up online, you didn't break the law, you didn't violate the first amendment, you shouldn't have been put under a federal investigation or on the No Fly List like a terrorist, or the INTERPOL list like I was."As we move into the 2020 election, Kathy Griffin wants people to be aware of the power of their vote. She says, "Get to know these candidates and get to know their issues, and get to know the BS talking points from the things that are actionable. And do some actionable things yourself."

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