Marvel Is Finally Making A Standalone Black Widow Movie

Black Widow is finally getting a solo Marvel movie. Natasha has been in the Marvel comic universe since 2010. She first appeared in “Iron Man 2,” but she’s never had her own story. After 10 years of origins, sequels and team-ups, Marvel still hasn’t had a woman-led movie yet.

“Captain Marvel” was the first confirmed film with a female lead, but Black Widow has been killing the game for years. Natasha is mysterious and complex — plus her story would be epic. We got a bit of her background in “Age Of Ultron,” but there a lot to cover from her years of being a spy, like the “Red Room,” chasing the Winter Solider and whatever the hell happened in Budapest.

The movie might even show a flashback of her being trained by Bucky Barnes, just like she was in the comics. Basically the possibilities are endless, and solo woman-led spy movies are just what Marvel needs right now.