Meek Mill Donated $10,000 to At-Risk Youth While in Prison

Rapper Meek Mill donated $10,000 from prison to help at-risk youth, via Colin Kaepernick’s $1,000,000 charity pledge drive.

“The next brother who chose an organization for me to donate to is Meek Mill.” Kaepernick stated in an Instagram video. “Meek asked for me to donate $10k to Youth Service Inc. whose mission is to strengthen the family unit, help at-risk teens and promote child safety. Even though Meek has been hit with unjust sentencing, he continues to uplift and fight for our communities.”

The rapper is facing two to four years in prison, after getting arrested for doing wheelies on a dirt bike and getting into a fight at the airport when an employee tried to take his picture. The arrests violated his 2008 probation from a gun and drug case. But rappers and public figures have rallied behind him, calling the sentence unfair.

“Unfortunately, in America this happens to black and brown people way too often.” Jay-Z stated to CNN. “When you’re on probation, you’re on this paper, you do a crime, you do whatever time you do, He’s been on probation for 11 years. 11 years. So, it’s almost like you’re tethered to this thing and they’re just waiting for you to do something wrong… we’re not sitting here professing he’s some angel but in this particular incident, the whole system has to be reworked.”