Plus Size Model Iskra Lawrence Opens Up About Body Positivity

Model Iskra Lawrence went from a size four to a size 12.

“It’s really horrible thinking back to how I felt going through that.” Lawrence explained. “And seeing that image of myself looking so unwell and yet I was still being told that I wasn’t small enough. I was still being told that I couldn’t be a model. I was still being told that my measurements were too big.”

But Lawrence learned to love the skin she’s in, regardless of her size — and the haters that tried to keep her down.

“When people see me now and they call me fat or they say, ‘How can you promote health?’ I’m just like, skinny and slim does not equal health. You can’t tell me I was healthier when I was slimmer because I know. I was that person. I was not well.”

The 27-year-old model wants to throw away unrealistic beauty standards by saying no to airbrushing and photo shopping. She wants to see her true self in photos. She also knows that our phones can be dangerous.

“Sometimes the phone is a more intimate object than we think. We carry it around — it’s essentially attached to our arm and that’s why I call it a weapon of mass destruction. Because it’s 24/7. It intrudes and invades our real life.”

However, she’s hopeful that the industry is changing its standards, slowly be surely.