S1 E13

Rapper and Artist Narcy is Creating Space for Voices of the Muslim Community

Narcy is a Canadian Iraqi musician and artist using his work to elevate the voices of Muslim people.

“There was never really an actor from my community that I felt represented by, nor was there a musician” he explained. “But now, in our generation, is when we see people from our community break out into big roles in cinema and film.”

Narcy said members of the hip-hop community inspired him to do his art honestly, and that he views Islam as a way of life, but he wants his music to resonate with non-Muslims as well.

He also said young Arab individuals like himself didn’t have coping mechanisms to deal with the racism they experienced.

“But as I got older, it became a big part of my identity, and it forced me to delve into the history of my country and find out why the situation is the way that it is in Iraq and what the relationship of America to Iraq is and really what are the priorities here,” he explained.

Narcy wants people to know that the Muslim community is diverse and human, and that there is no escaping the non-homogenization of society today.

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