RuPaul Says the Best Advice He Can Give Is to 'Stay an Outsider'

Most know RuPaul as a drag icon, a television star, and legendary performer, but NowThis Entertainment’s Sally Turner wanted to know what he is away from the wigs and cameras.

“I am an observer. I feel like an alien who fell to this planet,” he explained. “And I remember as a kid, thinking ‘ok, I want to fit in, I’m going to figure this thing out.’ The further I looked at it, the more I realized I want no part of that!”

When answering what is important to him now, that he didn’t understand at a younger age, the drag superstar explained that he realized that everyone didn’t need to like him — which is a revelation he had when he was around the age of 30.

RuPaul’s advice for people who are struggling with their identity is to “find answers in stillness.”

“Clear a path for your true frequency through. It’s there, it’s not hidden. What happens is society puts up these walls and your frequency, your light, becomes obscured or it becomes blocked,” he explained. “The advice I have: know thyself. And yourself is that frequency, is your own unique voice, your own unique chemistry, your own unique frequency. So that’s your life’s work.”

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