Simon Pegg on Struggling With Alcoholism and Mental Health

“Star Wars” star Simon Pegg opened up about the realities of dealing with depression.

“We all have anxiety, we get nervous, we get affected by our emotions, and for some people it just is incredibly heightened,” he said.
Pegg tackled his most intense role to date as a man grappling with schizophrenia in “Lost Transmissions,” a film he hopes sparks important conversations about mental health.

“I think a lot of people when they think of schizophrenia they imagine a person with multiple personalities, and that’s an entirely different condition, schizophrenia,” he said. “And in order to sort of play the part Theo who finds himself affected by it, I did a lot of research and obviously tried to get it right.”

Pegg revealed to the Guardian in 2018 his battle with depression and alcoholism, which he has since reconciled with.

I’ve been able to address what I went through and find my devices for staying on top of it. And I’ve had a really great sort of nine years since that all came to a head,” he said. “And it’s nice because the amount of people afterwards came up and said, ‘that’s for saying that,’ that made it all worthwhile, you know.”

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