How The Dupont Twins Overcame Bullying And Became Models For Lady Gaga's Makeup Line

The Dupont twins experienced relentless bullying and physical violence growing up because they were 'different' — now they're modeling for Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories makeup line and normalizing 'different.'You've seen them in Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories campaign and probably grazed over their Instagram from time to time. But it was never easy for the Dupont twins to achieve their modeling dreams, much less live life comfortably as themselves. In this interview, we unpacked how they leaned into their confidence and strength to overcome bullying, harassment, and even physical violence at times. Now they're using their platform to change the narrative around being 'different,' to normalize being yourself. They want people to be accepted and reach for all the highest dreams, even if other people don't get it. Because oneHere are their hopes for LGBTQ+ representation in the fashion, modeling, and makeup industries. Watch more of this exclusive interview with the Dupont twins on this episode of NowThis Entertainment's 'I Have A Question'.

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