The Evolution Of Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård tried to resist becoming one of the “Skarsgård actors,” but fortunately he couldn’t deny the world his killer clown impression.

Skarsgård was destined for the screen, between his famous father and his Hollywood heartthrob brother Alexander. His first gig was in the Swedish film “White Water Fury” alongside his brother when he was only nine. He initially rejected the idea of joining the family business and even majored in science in high school, joking that he would become a doctor.

But his acting passion was ignited when he read the script for Hyannis Holmes’ “Behind Loose Guys.” He then starred in Netflix’s “Hemlock Grove,” but his big break came with his role in the revival of “It,” the reimagining of the 1990 mini-series based off of Stephen King’s 1986 novel.

Since his “It” glory, he has continued to explore Stephen King’s work via Hulu’s miniseries “Castle Rock.” The episodes pull from King’s many stories to create a thrilling, unsettling multiverse. Skarsgård even started the keto diet in order to lose weight and create a more gaunt, ghost-like appearance. And though he’s killing the horror game, he says he doesn’t want to do the same thing over and over again, so perhaps we’ll see him next in a comedy or rom com.

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