The Timeless Politics Of Marvel's Captain America

Marvel's Captain America is undoubtedly patriotic — but it’s his beliefs and consistent morals that make him a true hero.

The captain has been a central figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for seven years now and has made two things clear throughout his films — he sticks up for the little guy and is capable of flouting authority figures when he thinks they’re making the wrong moral decisions.

Although he started out as America’s super soldier, Captain America is incredibly distrustful of the government and other authoritative agencies. And he has good reasons for being that way — considering he’s had to battle corrupt leadership in S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra, as well as some of the fellow heroes he thought he could trust. The superhero has never strayed from his morals, which is why he’s so relevant and admirable. Whether he was fighting terror in the ‘40s, ‘70s, or 2000s, these values remain relevant and are particularly exemplary in this political climate.

Political figures change but political ideals don’t and it’s important to know when to compromise and when to hold your ground. Fortunately, Captain America exemplifies how to be a true patriot — standing up for those who are less fortunate and knowing when recognize and walk away from shady circumstances — even when they have to do with someone you thought you could trust.

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