'Transparent' Star Alexandra Billings on Trump, Transgender Representation, & Humility

'Transparent' star and LGBTQ+ activist Alexandra Billings shares what she really thinks of Trump and explains the importance of humility when enacting change.Alexandra Billings is many things: Davina Rejennae on 'Transparent,' a devote LGBTQ+ activist, singer, and teacher. Here's why she stresses the importance of humility through all seasons of change — as a woman who has lived through many.Billings also dove into what she really thinks of Trump. Spoiler: She thinks he doesn't hate us and that misinformation has widely spread ignorance. This is why she uses her platform to encourage others to 'talk to the other side.' Learn more about what's next in store for Alexandra and her hopes for more LGBTQ+ representation in film/tv on this episode of NowThis Entertainment's I Have A Question.

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