Trixie Mattel's New Documentary Shows the 'Real Spirit' of Drag

Trixie Mattel stars in the documentary “Moving Parts,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and gives a glimpse into the drag superstar’s world behind the wigs and comedy.

“When you watch the film, ‘Moving Parts,’ it’s not the Justin Bieber experience,” she explained. “It’s like me not in drag rifling through a suitcase in my garage, which is honestly the real spirit of drag.”

“The film follows Trixie on two concert tours, winning “All Stars 3,” and a bumpy start to “The Trixie & Katya Show.” Katya, Trixie’s co-host eventually took a leave of absence from the show for mental health reasons.

“I never talked about it — it was never my place,” she said. “And in this film especially, Katya and I, we sat down with my [management] we all watched it together, had a lovely room temperature diet coke, and we were like ‘a lot of this is uncomfortable but it is what it felt like in the room,’ so I think it’s important for anything that has to do with drag or gay people or mental illness or substance abuse — not talking about it is part of the problem.”

Trixie says an underlying sentiment of the film is that happiness doesn’t mean everything goes right for you, and to accept that there will be bad with the good.

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