Truth and Doug the Pug Work to Educate Teens About the Dangers of Vaping

Truth and Doug the Pug are working to educate teens about the dangers of vaping. 16-year-old Luka Kinard is also warning others about his past nicotine addiction to raise awareness about vaping.
Kinard said he switched from cigarettes to vaping because he was under the impression that it was a healthier option.
“The whole reason I wanted to start vaping and Juuling was to quit,” he explained.
Kinard said he started to notice changes in his mood and started failing his classes. In 2018, he started having insomnia and chest pains, and was later admitted to the hospital after having a seizure. He then visited a cardiologist who said chest pains were definitely from inflammation from vaping.
After quitting his vaping habit, he partnered with Truth for their “Don’t Test on Humans” campaign. For this anti-vaping campaign, Truth also added Doug the Pug.
More than three million high school students used e-cigarettes in 2018, according to a CDC estimate. And while, “combustible smoking” rates have hit a historic low, Truth also says the vaping rate is alarmingly high.
Juul says one pod is equal to 20 cigarettes. The FDA says the compact design and added flavoring by brands has led to the spike of e-cigarettes use for minors.