Why the 'Midsommar' Cast is Warning Audiences to Proceed with Caution

If you love summer thrillers, look no further than “Midsommar”— but its director cast claims it's one of the most disturbing, challenging projects they've ever worked on. Director Ari Aster says that going through a bad breakup was the impetus for writing the sinister script— but whether it’s a breakup film or a horror flick, the film definitely is out of the ordinary.
“It’s not a film that you can just categorize,” the film’s Jack Reynor explained. “I haven’t seen anything that has made me feel the way this movie leaves you feeling.”
Actor Florence Pugh says that reading the script originally was as exciting as watching the final product.
“You are just attacked for about two hours,” she said.
The cast said that it was a heavy task getting through the film’s creation, and that they had to make sure to work on their mental health throughout the process.
“This was the first film where I actually worried and thought about my character and like, what was going to happen to her and how someone like that get through any of the stuff that she goes through,” Pugh said. “And I’ve never ever thought back to a character and I’ve never worried about them.”

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