Brothers Brent and Kyle Pease Make History at Ironman World Championships

Brent and Kyle Pease made history at the world’s toughest endurance race and are paving the way for adaptive athletes everywhere.
The brothers battled through The Ironman World Championship, which involves 140 miles of swimming, running, and biking combined.  They faced strong winds and high temperatures under the Hawaiian sun, and became the first push-assisted brothers to ever finish the event.

“To be able to share something that might have seemed impossible 30 years ago. To be able to say that, you know, we’re Ironman world champions, is pretty cool. It’s pretty awesome,” Brent said.

Kyle Pease has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is unable to use his arms and legs. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his athletic dreams.

“I loved it. I loved the whole experience,” Kyle said. “It was a moment that I’ll never forget in my life and look, I think, for me, a lot of people have told me no. A lot of people have said, oh, you wouldn’t be able to speak, you wouldn’t be able to graduate college, you wouldn’t be able to hold down a job. And love overcomes all and crossing that finish line was truly amazing.”

Brent and Kyle began racing together in smaller events leading up to the Ironman World Championship. They got to live out that dream through the Ironman ambassadors program, which gives them entries into Ironman races and the platform to inspire others that “anything is possible.”