Children Should Not Be Allowed to Play Tackle Football

Adam Rozwadowski thinks that it’s time to end tackle football for kids once and for all.

“When NFL players describe the sport as living out a car crash, imagine what it does to kids who are still growing into their bodies.” Rozwadowski stated. “A new study from Boston University says that you don’t even need a concussion to get CTE.”

“CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. And this is the disorder that has been described in, primarily athletes who participate in contact sports.” Dr. Daniel Perl, Pathology Professor at Uniformed Services University, stated.

Blows to the head are enough to cause brain damage. The doctors who did the study say this might explain why nearly 20% of athletes with CTE never suffered from a diagnosed concussion. In fact, apparently kids under 12 that play tackle football are in more danger of short and long-term health problems. This entails behavioral problems and depression.

“A child’s brain just isn’t strong enough to take hits playing tackle football.” Rozwadowski stated. “Yet there are over a million kids playing youth football right now. Some of them starting as early as age five or six.”

Several states are discussing legislation that would eliminate tackle football from being played before a certain age.

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