Colin Kaepernick Gave This Moving Tribute To His Mom

You have to watch Colin Kaepernick’s Mother’s Day tribute about growing up biracial in an adoptive family.

The football star took the stage at VH1’s “Dear Mama: A Love Letter to Moms,” to honor his mom before Mother’s Day. The event was put on by Gabrielle Union and Sean Combs to give celebrities and athletes a chance to show moms some love.  

“As a child, I would draw family pictures in kindergarten fully aware of the fact that I had to switch the colors of the crayons when it came time to draw my skin and my hair,” he explained. “And while I did wonder who I looked like, I never had to wonder whether my mother loved me or not.”

Kaepernick’s mom Teresa also got a chance to take the stage and honor the work her son has done.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you be cruel or speak nastily of anyone,” she stated. “You were kind and patient with those who needed help since the time you were a very young child and you’ve always been very persistent and tenacious in the pursuit of anything that you desired.”

Kaepernick has been at the center of controversy since he began kneeling during the National Anthem in 2016. As of May 2018, he remains unsigned by any NFL team.