LeBron James Spends $1 Million On His Body Every Year

LeBron James spends a million bucks a year on his body.

It’s amazing that the basketball athlete is still in great shape at age 33, after 14 grueling seasons in the NBA. But he isn’t invincible — back issues have plagued him for the last few years, to the point where he has to lay on the court resting during games. So, he’s spending big on chefs, trainers and masseuses. He also gets liquid nitrogen treatments, and they seem to be working well for him.

LeBron’s never had a major injury in his career.

He stated to ESPN, “It’s ever day. Around the clock every single day, working on my body. Either with treatment of working on my body in the weight room. Continuing just to build strength throughout the season when everybody else is kind of tearing down, not putting too much pounding on my legs when I’m on the court, be being very efficient. I’ve kind of figured that out in my 15th season.”

LeBron’s on pace to play in all 82 games this season so he’ll likely have to work super hard in order to make sure he doesn’t sustain an injury — but it sounds like he has a great team/routine figured out.