Meet Adaptive Athlete Victor Assaf

Adaptive athlete Victor Assaf went viral for lifting 175 lbs with one arm.
Assaf is an athlete and motivational speaker based in Ecuador. He competes in adaptive sports and CrossFit competitions around the world.
“The word adaptive, it’s to show the world that we are capable, you know. It’s to show that we only need adaptations to make things easier,” he explained.
Assaf was a competitive athlete and CrossFit Coach before being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in 2012. He sustained a brachial plexus injury, and his right arm is now immobile. Despite being told by doctors that he couldn’t continue coaching and being active, he worked up his strength again and now trains five days a week, using adaptive gear to do it safely. He also receives guidance from adaptive athlete and coach Chris Stoutenburg
“I’m not doing this because I want to prove something,” he explained. “I’m doing this because there’s people that need to see this.”
Assaf has continued to compete in world championships and says his ultimate goal is to qualify as an Olympic athlete.
“Representing your country in the Olympics must be amazing,” he said. “When I had two arms I was capable of doing everything, I wasn’t able to reach that much people that I can reach now with only just one arm.”