Rage Yoga Takes an Unorthodox Approach to Releasing Tension

“Rage yoga” takes standard poses and breathing, throws in some bad humor, and invites you to release negativity through an unconventional practice.
“Traditionally, people think of yoga as, you know, a calm serene yoga studio environment, and that just doesn’t necessarily work for a lot of people,” Rage Yoga Instructor Ashley Duzich explained. “A lot of people find that to cause them more anxiety.”
Rage Yoga was first started by Lindsay Istace in Canada in 2014 and is described as an “attitude” that helps people become “zen as f*ck.”
Duzich has been practicing yoga for 13 years. She first learned about Rage Yoga through Google in 2016 and completed one of Istace’s teacher trainings in Alberta, Canada. She started teaching it after she got certified in February 2017, making her the first Rage Yoga instructor in the U.S. She has been hosting classes on the second and fourth Friday of every month.
“It’s one of the most communal yoga classes you’ll go to because, you know, like we’re going to sit down and, you know, take a beer break, and there’s going to be movement where you’re going to get to interact with the person next to you,”
The practice is expanding to more locations in the U.S. Istace and Duzich hosted a teacher training in Houston in August 2019 where 12 yoga instructors got certified to teach Rage Yoga. 

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