Remember When: Did Wade Boggs Really Drink 100 Beers In One Day?

Baseball player Wade Boggs became a legend for allegedly drinking more than 100 beers in a day — but did that huge feat actually happen?

Boggs is one of the best hitters in baseball history, recording more than 3,000 hits and hitting for a 328 batting average. His eccentric personality made him a fan favorite — but his drinking reputation is what made him a legend. Among baseball circles, it was even rumored that Boggs drank 64 beers on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles.

The hitter was initially coy about the alleged number but that only made it grow. After trying to beat Boggs’ record on an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” actor Charlie Day told Jimmy Fallon that the hitter’s legendary beer number was actually 107. Later that summer, Boggs confirmed to TMZ that he drank over 100 beers in a day, joking, “I’ve got a hollow leg. It goes down there and I just take it off and dump it.”

Whatever the actual number is, Boggs’ beer-filled cross-country flight remains one of the most popular urban legends in baseball history and has made him cultural icon. And if you ever want to try and best his legendary record, make sure you don’t accidentally endanger yourself or others!