Senior-Only Wizdom Dancers Take The NBA World By Storm

This seniors-only dance team performs for the NBA.

The Wizdom Dancers are made up of 20 seniors who just completed their first season performing for the NBA’s Washington Wizards.  
“At the end of the day, there’s just something contagious about a 75-year-old cheerleader dancing at half-time during the Wizards game,” explained one of the team’s member’s, Laveta Burke. “You just can’t turn your head to that.”

The team consists of 19 women and one man whose ages span from 50 to 76. They rehearse weekly and perform every three to four weeks at home games.

“We mix kind of old school hip-hop with new school hip-hop with movies and kinda do a big gel and mesh of those together and that’s kind of like their style that works for them so it’s fun, it’s fun. We’re having a blast,” explained the dancers’ choreographer Derric Whitfield.
The dancers say their age doesn’t hold them back from busting a move.

“You gotta bring it, you gotta give it. You gotta let them know that we’ve still got it and it’s really ok,” Burke said. “That’s like the high of everything, just being able to perform and getting that affirmation from folks in the audience.”