Surfer Grant Trebilco Started 'Fluro Friday' To Discuss Mental Health

These surfers are breaking down stigmas around mental health while catching waves.

“Salt water therapy is the best escape,” surfer Grant Trebilco explained. “As soon as you get in the ocean for like a swim or surf, it just rinses off the bad vibes. And combine that with surfing which is the funnest thing ever and it just helps get the stoke back.”

Trebilco started “Fluro Fridays” in 2103 to gather a group for a weekly morning meetup to surf, wear bright colors, and talk about mental health. Suffering from bipolar disorder, he uses the sport as a form of therapy and says taking things “one wave” at a time has helped him get through the day. He’s since shared that mindset with others, and Fluro Friday now takes place at 150 beaches around the world.

Trebilco says the surf sessions are, for some attendees, the first time they’ve talked about their struggles with mental illness.

“I think the way the One Wave community helps is that it lets people know it’s ok not to be ok,” he explained. “When they come down to Fluro Fridays and hear stories in the anti-bad vibes circle, it makes them feel not alone.”