The Genesis Of Bryce Harper

Imagine having to be the savior of an entire sport when you’re just a teenager. These are the expectations Bryce Harper has had to carry his entire baseball career. And, not only has he met those expectations, but he's far surpassed them.

Harper was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1992. He earned his GED after just his sophomore year of high school — but it was his talent for baseball that got him noticed. At age 16, Sports Illustrated put him on their cover as “Baseball’s Chosen One.”

He was later drafted to the Washington Nationals, and began his professional career as an outfielder. He made his debut in 2012 when he was only 19, and felt obvious pressure to succeed. But he delivered, and became the youngest position player to make an all-star game.

He went on to hit 42 home runs in 2015. In addition to his talents, he’s also known for his strong emotions while playing, which has led to some fights and explosions. Despite this, Washington has made the playoffs in all but one of 6 years Harper has been a part of the team. His contract is up in 2018, and baseball analysts predict he will become baseball’s first $500 million player.