The NFL And The LGBTQ+ Community Are Coming Together For The Super Bowl

An NFL star is making the super bowl more LGBTQ+ inclusive. Esera Tuaolo is throwing the first ever “Super Bowl Inclusion Party” to bridge the gap between the NFL and the LGBTQ+ community. Tuaolo came out publically in 2002 and has dedicated his life to making the NFL more inclusive.

“I played in the NLF. I understand the things I’ve gone through and the things our brothers in the closet are going through. When you create something like this you put something on the table to be talked about.”

Tuaolo’s party will be held the Wednesday before the game and will include NFL hall of famers, talented musical guests and a silent auction where you could win super bowl tickets. All the proceeds will go to various nonprofits combating bullying and youth homelessness in Minneapolis. Tuaolo is also a board member for the Gay and Lesbian Athletics Foundation and spends his time speaking at colleges and corporations about homophobia.