Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s Feud Could End the Patriots

The Patriots are the pride of New England — but a secret nasty feud could end their dynasty. Apparently, a power struggle between Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick and owner Bob Kraft has gotten so bad, it’s starting to bubble over. According to a report from ESPN, there’s been behind-the-scenes fighting over who ultimately controls the fate of the franchise. Belichick dropped hints that he wanted to move away from Brady, who is currently 41 years old, and focus more on rising star Jimmy Garoppolo. But owner Bob Kraft sided with Brady so Garappolo was ultimately given to San Francisco 49ers. In alleged retaliation against Brady, Belichick cut his personal trainer’s access to the team, claiming it was causing divisions in the locker room.

Brady and Belichick have helped their team win five super bowl titles, but this current drama could push their relationship past repair. Brady has gotten tired for Belichick’s demanding and negative attitude, and feels like he’s earned a spot above all of his criticism. And Belichick is so fed up that he and both of his coordinators might walk at the year’s end — leaving the team without any coaches.