Author David Bienenstock On How Jesus Used Cannabis

David Bienenstock believes that Jesus Christ himself used cannabis in some capacity.

He stated, “Jesus didn’t smoke pot. But I do believe cannabis was used as the key ingredient in the holy anointing oil he used to perform healing miracles.”

Christ is a name given to Jesus by his defiles which means “The Anointed One,” which is evident in Mark 6:13, stating, “They cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them.”

But what exactly was in that holy oil? A recipe in the bible says it’s made from “fragrant cane” called cannabosim, which many believe to be cannabis. It makes its first appearance in the bible when Moses is speaking to the burning bush. He is given the recipe for anointment oil with the instructions to only anoint kings and queens.

Aside from crucifixion, baptism is considered the only historically certain fact about Jesus’ life. So why would he anoint his flock in oil rather than water when sending them out to anoint others? Maybe believe that this is because he was using this special cannabis oil, which has healing capabilities many of us are just starting to realize today. Whether you believe it's true or not, it’s a pretty interesting interpretation of the text.