Cannabis Is Sending Colorado Kids to College

Selling weed is sending kids to college. Pueblo County, Colorado officials said there’s nearly $750,000 available to graduating Pueblo High School seniors who attend a local college or university through the county’s cannabis tax-funded scholarship. There’s also another $113,981 available from the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, which wouldn’t have been made available without a local match made possible by the weed tax.

Pueblo county collects a “cannabis excise tax” from growers, the first time they sell or transfer their product to a retail store or manufacturer. The exact number of scholarships and the amounts are yet to be determined, but officials hope to award 600 scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year.

In past years, Pueblo has awarded roughly $420,000 in scholarships to the 300-400 students who graduated from Pueblo County high schools and entered a local college or university. Funding will also help renew the scholarships or past recipients who’ve attended local colleges and universities.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace stated, “We want to try to ensure that the future of Pueblo is bright,”

Some may think that cannabis in any capacity has no/negative effects on the various states that legalize it — but situations like these seem to suggest otherwise.