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Colorado Weed Gym Forcefully Shut Down

Colorado weed gym Break The Stigma Fitness has been shut down — now its founder Jannessa Lea wants to bring her message to the world.  

“You know, maybe Colorado’s not the place for Break The Stigma Fitness,” she said in an interview with NowThis. “It’s — to me — it’s not over. It’s just maybe finding a place where we’re received and supported in our community.”

On March, 2018, the city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado put two ordinances in place to shut down Break The Stigma Fitness (BTSF), a gym where participants could take fitness classes in a cannabis-friendly environment. Lea went to court to fight for her gym, but the city followed through and shut her down. Now, her landlord says she needs to pack up and leave — so she’s going to take her show on the road.

“Due to the suspension and then what’s going on with the housing, I’m going to be leaving Colorado here on June 4, and gonna just kind of take my message on the road,” she explained.

Lea plans to head back to her home state of Minnesota and then travel out west to explore her options. From there, her plans will take her to other states in the U.S.