Cory Booker Wants To Send Weed Brownies To Lindsey Graham

Cory Booker wants to send weed brownies to Lindsey Graham to get him in the mood for cannabis reform.

The New Jersey senator recently stated, “I plan on sending some brownies to his office to celebrate his new chairmanship.”

During a December 19 press conference hailing the passage of a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill called the First Step Act, Senator Graham was answering a question about whether the Senate Judiciary Committee would take up cannabis law reform under his leadership, to which he replied, “I’m gonna look at fentanyl. I’ve got a completely different view of fentanyl. I want to make it so hard to deal in fentanyl you won’t want to do it, ‘cause you’re literally killing people with just a little bit of a drop. That’s different than marijuana. So let’s look at everything and the committee will be in business to look at everything and make some good, common sense decisions.”

Right after Graham’s statement, Booker stepped forward and joked about sending Graham some weed brownies to congratulate him if he becomes Senate Judiciary Chair.