Cypress Hill Makes History with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Cypress Hill received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

“Long before the days of legal dispensaries and medical marijuana, Cypress Hill were advocates of that sticky, icky, icky, weed,” stated rapper Xzibit at the event. “The love for cannabis rang loud throughout the themes and subject matter of Cypress Hill’s musical domination. Creating anthems that still move millions to this day.”

The Grammy-nominated hip-hop group, which has put weed at the forefront of their music received the 2,660th star on the Walk of Fame. Cypress Hill is the first Latinx American hip-hop group to receive the honor.

“We love the star. It could have been a gold leaf through—a gold weed leaf—and that would have been good, too,” group member B-Real. “But this is gonna be an altar for all stoners, for all cannabis culture right here. Come light your candles. Dump your blunts, dump your joints, dump your bongs right here. Pray for a great harvest, and thank you f*ckin’ very much!”

Famous for hits like “Insane in the Brain” and “Hits from the Bong,” Cypress Hill was also the Latinx American hip-hop group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums, selling more than 20 million albums worldwide.