Denver, CO Distillery The Dab Hosts First-Ever 'Dab Olympics'

The first ever “Dab Olympics” awarded winners hash instead of medals. The “Olympics” consisted of a series of seven surprise events, including the Defective Lid Toss, where players throw a broken concentrate container lid at a target, and Phelps Lung Capacity Challenge where players take a head-to-head dab, exhale into a tube and keep a ping pong ball floating in a bong. The competitions were held on July 10, a.k.a. 710, a day that has become synonymous with the consumption of hash oil in the form of “dabs.” 710 is known as “oil day”—its origins aren’t clear, but 710 is OIL spelled upside down. The event was organized by Denver dispensary The Dab, who apparently came up with it in one of their weekly meetings. “Dabs can come in many different ways,” The Dab’s Scott Southern explained. “most popular recently has solventless and live resin. It used to be called shatter, there was budder, there was wax, there was oil, there was all those different things, but at the end of the day, it is just a dab.” The owner of The Dab, Lance Perryman, said the dispensary sold approximately 650 tickets to the Dab Day Olympics. Each event had a corporate sponsor that provided prizes, all of which consisted of cannabis concentrates.