Denver's 'Grow-Off' Competition Is the 'Iron Chef' of Cannabis Cultivation

Like the ‘Iron Chef’ of weed, this competition is looking for the best grower in Colorado. The Grow-Off is a new cannabis cultivation competition where all the growers are given the same mystery clone. It’s a battle of the buds between 40 recreational growers in Colorado. Everything that’s turned in to the judges needs to be smokeable, and each grower gets 6 months to manifest their buds in any way that they want. No two cultivators do it quite the same, everyone has their own techniques. The Grow-Off judges asses the final products based on three categories: Potency, flavor and yield. During the comp, judges stop by competitors’ grow operations to make sure that everyone’s playing by the rules, and to see if anyone’s able to guess what the mystery strain is. After six months, a winner is crowned in each of the categories, with bragging rights and a $15k purse on the line. Plus, all the competition lab data is shared back with the growers at the end to help them tweak their growing processes.