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These Glass Artists Are Bringing Pipes To the High Art World

Glass pipes and bongs are lighting up the high art world, and this is one artist helping to make that happen. His name is Elbo, and he’s a glass artist who’s been blowing glass since 2006 and making pipes since 2009. His goal, in his own words, is “To bridge the gap between art and pipes.” Lots of people have glass pieces, but a lot less people understand how unique glass pieces are born. Elbo actually learned how to blow his first pipe from YouTube. After selling his first piece, he quit his job to pursue his art full time. Elbo and the crew at Denver’s Everdream Studios are part of an artistic revolution. Glass artists are now being recognized by the Modern Art world with legit art collectors seeking out pipes to complete their collections. And with that, artists like Elbo are making a real living off of pipes. Elbo’s known specifically for his dinosaur pieces, and that influence really shows in his style. He just collabed with rapper/glass-collector Action Bronson, and was actually impressed by the rapper’s glass blowing skills. There’s much more to look out for from Elbow and his crew.