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Governor Jared Polis Adds Autism to Colorado's Cannabis Bill

Jared Polis added autism to Colorado’s medical cannabis bill.

“There’s recently been some studies that have been very encouraging,” the Colorado governor explained. “We should always err on the side of patient access.”

Polis who’s been called “America’s first pot governor,” took office in January 2019. His predecessor, John Hickenlooper, vetoed a June 2018 measure that would have added autism to the list of qualifying conditions for a medical cannabis card in the state, saying, “if we sign that bill we end up, without question, in some way, encouraging more young people to look at this as an antidote for their problems.”
Polis added autism to the bill on April 2, 2019, explaining that he’d heard from so many parents about its ability to help their children function with disabilities. He also said that Colorado has a head start in the cannabis industry, and he wants to make sure that the state is always innovating in that field.

“We’re looking at policies around delivery, which’ll be a very safe way to make sure that people aren’t driving high, and can get it in their homes,” he explained. “We’re looking at better and safer growing techniques, we’re looking at social, and we’re looking at allowing investment in capital markets, and cannabis companies to go public.”