Harvard Study Finds That Cannabis Users Have A Higher Sperm Count

According to a recent study, weed might boost sperm count.

A new study out of Harvard showed cannabis users actually had higher sperm counts than non-users. These findings contradict scientists’ previous hypotheses that cannabis lowers sperm count.

“We found that men who reported using marijuana had higher sperm counts than men who reported never having used marijuana in their lives,” Harvard professor Jorge Chavarro stated.

The study consisted of semen and blood samples from 662 men enrolled at the Fertility Center at Massachusetts General Hospital between 2000 and 2017. Besides high sperm counts, the study also found that patients who are self-reported heavy cannabis users have higher testosterone levels than non-users.

One caveat researchers mention is that men with more testosterone might take more risks, including using cannabis. Researchers also emphasize that more studies are needed, but said these findings underscore how little they know about the health effects of cannabis.