Heavy Hitters Will Pay Weed Brand Ambassadors

This company will pay you $1,200 a month to vape weed.

Heavy Hitters is hiring 20 brand ambassadors to promote their products at California events and on social media.

As a “Heavy Hitters Original.” The company will pay you $1,200 a month in cash and give you a $500 credit for Heavy Hitters products to make social media posts and go to cannabis events, where all expenses are paid by the company. You would also be among the first to try new Heavy Hitters products.

To be considered for the “job” all you have to do is make a one-minute video of yourself explaining why you love Heavy Hitters and what makes you an original. Then go to the Heavy Hitters website, fill out an application, and find out where you need to post your video.
Applicants must be over 21 and reside in California. The company’s website says you’ll be given special consideration if you “make bomb videos and take fire photos.”