How Medical Cannabis and Yoga Changed Army Vet Bryan Fant's Life

Army veteran Bryan Fant ditched pills for cannabis and yoga—not he teaches yoga at an Army barracks.

“The yoga and the cannabis kind of let me works with [my pain],” he explained. “Instead of those things ruling my life, I’m kind of able to manage my life even though I still have those things.”

Fant was a helicopter crewman and had severe pain in his neck and back from the constant jarring motions made by the helicopters.
When he decided he was going to resign from the Army in 2010, he told his command he wanted to try medical cannabis for his pain, but didn’t receive the supportive feedback he’d hoped for. After three months in rehab and 17 years of service to his country, he was discharged from the U.S. Army with severe physical and emotional pain.

In the years following, Fant says he drove his family and friends away.

“So I was on my own. And I was really not a fit human being to be by myself,” he said. “I was on all these medicines and pretty actively suicidal, you know, in any given week, there was probably three of four nights out of that week where I would sit up all night and make deals with myself to make it to sunrise.”

It eventually got so bad, that Fant was sent to the hospital after waking on his floor from an apparent seizure. At the hospital doctors told him that it has been caused by overmedication, fatigue, and malnourishment. He decided then and there that it was time to make a change and began using cannabis medicinally. He also took up mediation and yoga, which drastically helped with his pain.

Fant has now been doing yoga for five years now, and even instructs classes in a shared studio space in Camp Hill, PA. He says cannabis helps him in his yoga practice.