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#JeffSesh Are Rolling Papers With Jeff Sessions' Face On Them

These rolling papers let you burn one with the attorney general.  

Jeff Sessions openly hates everything about cannabis. But now cannabis users can resist his views by grabbing a pack of rolling papers with his face on it, rolling up some bud and setting it on fire.

Pro-cannabis group #JeffSesh is doing just that, stating, “We may be jokers, but we’re just as much activists. We believe humor is a great vehicle for speaking truth to power. If our Justice Department was run by a guy named Bo Nanners who made a ridiculous statement like “Good people don’t eat bananas,” We would try to step up and do the right thing.”

The folks at #JeffSesh made the rolling papers in response to Sessions’ rescission of the Cole Memo — an Obama-era policy protecting state cannabis rights. They say it started out as a gag but when it resonated with their family and friends, they decided to step it up and start a movement around them.

The group has plans to make more official #JeffSesh gear, as long as Sessions is running the justice department. And while it might be a funny idea, #JeffSesh hopes to spark critical thought along with joints:

“In addition to sharing a laugh we hope people will use #JeffSesh to speak truth to power, to contribute a counter-narrative to the one spread by our Attorney General and help push the debate toward new laws for a new country.”