Luxembourg on Track to Legalize Weed in European First

Luxembourg is set to be the first European country to fully legalize cannabis.
Luxembourg’s health minister announced plans to legalize production and consumption of weed within two years. The country is setting up a cannabis agency to regulate cannabis production and distribution. Residents over 18 will be able to buy the drug through that agency.
Draft legislation is expected in late 2019. It will provide details on the types of cannabis to be sold and how much it will be taxed. There are also plans to ban non-residents from purchasing to curb “drug tourism.” Home-growing will likely be banned, too. Kids ages 12-17 would not be criminalized for having up to five grams of the drug but will face harsher penalties for possession of bigger amounts.
If enacted, Luxembourg would join Canada, Uruguay, and 11 U.S. states in adopting legalization.
Luxembourg has already decriminalized possession of small amounts of weed, along with the Netherlands and Portugal in Europe. Like Canada, it plans to allow possession of 30 grams of cannabis. Tax revenues will reportedly be invested in drug education and addiction treatment programs.