Luxury Handbag Brand Edie Parker Launches Weed-Friendly Line

This luxury handbag brand is getting into the weed space with $950 stash bags and $450 lighters.

Edie Parker’s new “Flower” line of products is inspired by vintage fashion and cannabis. Accessories include a $395 stash box and a $295 cigarette case designed to hold a pack of cigarettes (or joints).

Beyond the über-expensive smoking accessories, Edia Parker teamed up with cannabis brand Flow Kana to market a line of high-priced weed. The three strains: Cherry Cheesecake, Pineapple Rising, and Banana Jam, are available for delivery in Northern California for $25 per gram. The average price for a gram of cannabis in Northern California is $10.

Brett Heyman, the founder and creative director of Edie Parker, reportedly says her customers who use cannabis would want high-end smoking accessories.

“As I was designing, I thought, ‘What a beautiful smoking accessories could I bring to the market for my smart, sophisticated customers?’” she said.