Meet the Vape God Austin Lawrence

This 22-year-old “vape god” taught Drake how to vape.  Austin Lawrence started vaping in 2014 after he quit smoking cigarettes. Today, he estimates that he’s spent around 4,000 hours vaping — that’s over four percent of his life. He spends three to four hours practicing tricks every morning, before filming them. He’s also started to show off his skills on his Instagram, @vaustinl, and has garnered over a million followers. Drake even re-posted a video of him vaping, which lead to the two chatting over DM.

“He was like, I’ve never seen the machines you were using. Then he said, ‘yo, could you hook me up with a vape?’” Lawrence explained. “I told him, I’ll hook you up with a starter kit of whatever. And then he was like, ‘yooooooo, should I just like fly you out? I was like ‘um, hellllll yeah?’”

After flying him to his mansion in LA, Drake and Lawrence hung out and the vaping aficionado showed off some of his best tricks.

He also co-owns a vape store that opened in November 2015 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

“I’m really just messing around, trying new stuff. Trying to do like, crazy stuff and at night, I’m trying to do really clean stuff that I know will do well for video.”